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Daniel Dienelt: Relearning to Draw My Judgement

August 22-November 12
Daniel Dienelt draws creative inspiration from his reading of public space in the city. Dienelt is a deaf multi-disciplinary artist who applies recognizable day-to-day elements to unfamiliar situations in which the viewer is confronted by their own conditioning and perception. Growing up in Fort Wayne, listening through Beltone hearing aids and lip reading the phrase “don’t go downtown” was confusing especially considering where his grandparents lived and the street his audiologist was located on. Dienelt further recalls his experience touring the city via a JJR disability van service when he found himself spying on wonders of architecture and landscape. He later experienced the urban environment through skateboarding, which offers a whole new perspective allowing one to engage differently with architecture in a contemporary landscape. Relearning to draw his own judgement, Dienelt is retracting the steps of these profound moments and creating pieces that exalt experiences within them. This collaboration between natural and man-made environments creates compositions with questionably sublime messages.

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