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Downtown Fort Wayne’s Premier Gift Shop

The Conservatory Shop offers a boutique atmosphere filled with unique and educational toys, clothing, books, plants, home décor, and garden accessories perfect for home, souvenir, or gift-giving.  We are also proud to feature our seasonal Sales Garden, which provides an array of outdoor plants suitable for patios or garden beds including herbs, annuals, perennials, hanging baskets and mixed containers. Conservatory admission is not required.

Hours:      Tuesday-Saturday:  10am – 5pm
                  Thursday:                Open Late Until 8 pm 
                  Sunday:                   Noon – 4pm

Closed on Mondays, Christmas Day and New Year's Day

Phone: (260) 427-6440

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Winter Flare

Shop for Winter & The Holidays at The Conservatory Shop!

Enjoy Ornaments, Baubles & Poinsettias that will promote the holiday spirit in your home or make a great gift for a loved one!  Nestled among our holiday selection lies a number of apparel, jewelry, toy, book, and gift items that will give your loved ones a twinkle in their eye as they peel open the wrapping paper.

Locally Grown!

We take pride in our hometown & provide a number of locally-made items for your enjoyment! 

Conservatory/State of Indiana Ornament 


IMG 1743

Take home a piece of The Conservatory!  Handcrafted by Nestled Pines Woodworking 

The Olive Twist

IMG 2014

Olive Oil & House Dipping Blend

  • Olive Oil available in Butter, Garlic, and Tuscan Herb flavors

  • House Dipping Blends just need Olive Oil & your favorite cheese to create a delicious spread & come in a mailing packet for easy sharing with your loved ones!

Southwest Honey Co.

 SW Honey web


Honey in a squeezable jar with a flip-top lid. Easily add honey to toast, tea, sandwiches, or virtually anything.

Many people think of honey as a drizzle in desserts or a topping for toast. But now more than ever, honey’s being recognized as a versatile ingredient and pantry staple in the kitchen. All-natural honey gives your recipes unbeatable flavor and unmatched functional benefits. From balancing flavors to providing moisture to baked goods, one-ingredient honey performs a slew of tasks, all from one little bottle.


Cozmé International

 Cozmé International Jewelry provides fine costume jewelry with a unique local flare – the merchandise changes seasonally, so be sure to check it out!

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DeBrand Fine Chocolates


DeBrand’s Chocolate Thoughts are available in both dark & milk chocolate for Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, Thank You’s & Mother’s Day.  Chocolate Thoughts make for a great card-stuffer or flavorful presentation for a gift card!

What’s In The Bowl?


The Conservatory is pleased to feature the work of local artist Austin Barton. Currently, the gift shop is carrying several of Austin’s wooden bowls created from a branch of a Fig Tree in the Conservatory gardens.

Austin creates handcrafted wooden bowls and items from wood reclaimed from native trees in and around Fort Wayne, often using wood from storm-damaged trees. Austin started turning wood eight years ago after finding a lathe at a garage sale.

“I like to let the piece dictate the shape – as I turn the character of the wood comes out and the shape and profile is determined by what the piece reveals. I often think the beauty of my work has existed from the seed of the tree – I merely attempt to give shape to the beauty that has always existed within the log.”

Give the Gift of Bonsai 

Discover Bonsai at the Conservatory!


The Conservatory Shop is proud to carry Bonsai carefully curated & crafted by the Fort Wayne Bonsai Club.

Bonsai:  The Art and Science of Illusion

Bonsai (A tree (bon) in a tray/pot (sai)) pronounced bone-sigh, is the technique of creating an illusion; using cultivation practices like pruning, wiring, root reduction, defoliation (removing all of the leaves), potting and perhaps grafting.  The illusion being attempted is that of a large, natural looking tree that has been captured and planted in a small container.  It can be grown from seeds, plant cuttings, purchased in a nursery pot, or collected from the yard, hillside or field.

Bonsai is both a science (horticulture) and an art (sculpting).  Perhaps that is why it appeals to so many people.  Whether they become interested because of the mystique of a tree, or they want to challenge themselves with a new form of growing things, the bonsai tree tends to draw people in.    

Learn more about Bonsai at our Spring & Fall Bonsai Club Showcases

Bi-annually explore a forest of miniature trees. Elms, maples, junipers and other familiar plants that look just like their outdoor cousins – but a fraction of their size!  The Bonsai Club also grows tropical bonsai. Bonsai pots and young plants will be available to purchase. Guests visiting during showcases will receive discounted admission to the Bonsai Show and Conservatory gardens: $3/adult, $2/child, Free for ages 2 and under.  (Dates for 2019 TBA) The Joy of Bonsai:

  • transforming the usual into the unusual
  • learning from nature and developing a philosophy of life
  • learning patience
  • watching a dream or vision come into being
  • watching your tree grow and take shape
  • learning the needs of each of the different species of tree
  • keeping your own tree alive and thriving from year to year

Interested in Bonsai?  Find out more:

Seasonal Shopping

Butterfly Kits, Outdoor Plants, Bulbs & Seedlings 

Butterfly Elec Sign

Butterfly Kits will make their 2019 debut at The Conservatory’s Home & Garden Show booth:  February 28 to March 03, 2019 

They will also be available in the gift shop during The Conservatory’s 2019 Live Butterfly Exhibit, Migrations:  April 27 to July 07, 2019

The Butterfly Kits are available seasonally, as temperatures are butterfly larvae appropriate.


Sales Garden

Find unique varieties for your Midwest garden!

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The Conservatory’s outdoor Sales Garden features seasonal plants such as annuals, perennials, and herbs within a fenced garden. Don’t forget to check out our garden art inside the gift shop! Your selections can be paid for in the gift shop.

Slightly Used Bulb Sale Event!

Tuesday-Saturday, April 23-27, public hours
Botanical Conservatory, 1100 S. Calhoun St.

 IMG 2028


This annual sale features “slightly used” spring flowers such as tulips, daffodils, and grape hyacinths that have come out of the Conservatory’s Spring Showcase exhibit. The plants sell for $1-$5 per pot (pots have multiple bulbs in them) and are ready to plant in the garden to prepare for next year’s bloom. Instructions for planting provided. No reservations required. Admission to the sale is free; pay for purchases in the Gift Shop.


Renee’s Garden Seeds

 Grow your own goodness!

IMG 2016

Old-fashioned and heirloom varieties for Gourmet Vegetables, Kitchen Herbs and Cottage Garden Flowers

Packets include varieties such as:  Summer Feast Heirloom Tomatoes, English Cucumbers, Slow-Bolt Cilantro, Fern leaf Lavender, Heirloom Morning Glories, Spitfire Climbing Nasturtiums and many, many more!



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Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory
1100 South Calhoun Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46802
(260) 427-6440


Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 5pm
Thursday 10am - 8pm
Sunday Noon - 4pm
Closed: Mondays, New Years Day, Christmas Day


Adults $5
Children (ages 3-17) $3
Age 2 and under Free