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Have an exciting workshop idea you would like to share with the community? The Foellinger- Freimann Botanical Conservatory is currently accepting class proposals for the upcoming summer and fall season. Check out the Instructor link to learn more! 

Check out our list of classes below and/or check out the  Spring Fun Times for even more FUN!

 $1 Nights / $1 Night Insight

First Thursday of the month, 5:00-8:00 p.m.

Botanical Conservatory, 1100 S. Calhoun St.

The Conservatory is open on the first Thursday night of every month for a discounted admission of just $1 per person. During each $1 Night you can also drop in to our program room for Dollar Night Insight, a fun and educational lecture or activity. No reservations required.

$1 Night Insight: Cactus Vibes

Thursday, February 6, 6:00-7:00 p.m.

Some of us may be feeling a little prickly or deserted this time of year. Here’s an excuse to get out of the house and stay sharp by learning about the symbolism behind a cactus. You will also be able to enjoy a light snack and get your point across with a heartfelt message on a cacti craft.

Indoor Propagation

At this time of year, give your houseplants your undivided attention by focusing on indoor propagation. Advanced Master Gardener Glenn Hile will be demonstrating various techniques to propagate a wide variety of indoor plants. You will learn the basic biology of plant propagation along with how to make a proper cutting that you will be able to share with friends. Feel free to bring your questions along with your own houseplants if you’d like to make new starts! You will also be offered refreshments along with a chance to tour the gardens as part of this hands-on workshop. Ages 15+. Registration deadline: January 23. Min. 5. Max. 20.

Code                        Date                    Day                                   Time

127058-A1               2/1                      Sa                           9-10:30 am

# Sessions/Fee: 1/$11

Member or Volunteer Fee: $8

Location: Botanical Conservatory, 1100 S. Calhoun St.

Mini Macramé Air Plant Hanger

Macramé is back and with a modernized style that is trending now more than ever before! Join self-taught instructor and master of knotting techniques Tiffany Welbaum in hand-making a mini macramé hanger that is the perfect fit for a medium-sized air plant. This popular design element for home or office incorporates naturalized cotton string, a bamboo hoop, and an epiphytic houseplant. Care tips will be provided along with simple techniques and step-by-step instructions. This beginner to intermediate level workshop is just what you are looking for as part of your morning out with friends in which you might also plan for brunch at our in-house café. Conservatory admission is included so be sure to make time and enjoy the gardens. Ages 15+. Registration deadline: February 15. Min. 12. Max. 20.

Code                        Date                    Day                                   Time

127061-S1              2/22                      Sa                          9:30-11 am

# Sessions/Fee: 1/$19

Member or Volunteer Fee: $16

Location: Botanical Conservatory, 1100 S. Calhoun St.

Liquid Art with Alcohol Inks

Learn about this translucent and flowing medium when making a decorative tile with the effect of rubbing alcohol and dye-based inks. You will get to choose a color pallet and create your own abstract design on a ceramic tile, which is the perfect handmade gift for that special someone on Valentine’s Day! You might also choose to frame your tile or display it as a vibrant centerpiece, coaster or trivet. Artists Dixie Bradley and Kay Musgrave, who are experienced in this medium, will offer examples and techniques as part of this creative workshop. While your masterpiece is drying, you will be invited to visit the gardens. Ages 15+. Registration deadline: January 23. Min. 7. Max. 15.

Code                        Date                    Day                                   Time

127060-R1              1/30                      Th                            6-7:30 pm

# Sessions/Fee: 1/$16

Member or Volunteer Fee: $13

Location: Botanical Conservatory, 1100 S. Calhoun St.


Principles of Tai Chi

All are welcome to find a sense of relaxation when practicing basic principles of Tai Chi as an ancient Chinese movement. This February class will focus on breathing, quieting the mind, moving slowly, and developing confidence in balance and weight shifts. It will also help to develop efficiency and flow in your movement. Instructor Liz Monnier has studied and practiced Tai Chi Principles for 30 years. As a founding member of the Fort Wayne Dance Collective, she continues to be an Outreach Teacher as a Guild Certified Feldengrais® Practitioner. Note: Non-registered persons may drop in for $10 per session; please call ahead to make sure class will be in session. Ages 18+. Registration deadline: January 28. Min. 10. Max. 16.

Code                        Dates                  Day                                   Time

Morning - Principles Tai Chi

127059-T1              2/4-2/25               T                         9:30-10:30 am

Evening - Principles Tai Chi

127059-T2             2/4-2/25               T                           5:30-6:30 pm

# Sessions/Fee: 4/$37

Member or Volunteer Fee: $27

Location: Botanical Conservatory, 1100 S. Calhoun St. 


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Spring Programs


Slightly Used Bulb Sale

Tuesday-Saturday, April 14-18, Public hours

This annual sale features “slightly used” spring flowers such as tulips, daffodils, and grape hyacinths from the Conservatory’s spring exhibit. Located in the Sales Garden, plants sell for $1-5 per pot of multiple bulbs that are ready to plant in preparation for next year’s bloom. Admission is free, as all purchases are made in the Gift Shop.

Spring Plant Swap

Saturday, June 6, 10-11 a.m.

The Conservatory’s spring plant swap will be held on the first Saturday in June. Bring at least one plant to share, and take home an armful of starts from other area gardeners; absolutely no weeds please! It is recommended to label the plant(s) you bring in addition to bringing a box or bag for taking home. Upon arrival, you will receive a number that is called in numerical order when it is your turn to pick from the assortment. The swap is free; however, seating is limited. Phone reservations are required by May 30. For more information, email Program Supervisor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (260) 427-6443.

Indoor Plants: The Benefits

Indoor plants have many benefits. Think you know them all? Join Master Gardener and houseplant aficionado Marlene Purdy as she breaks down the benefits when it comes to plants whether they are in the home, office or even the mall. Matters of watering, pest control and general requirements will be emphasized. Learn the best care tips for the happiest and healthiest houseplants! Conservatory admission and plant starts included. Ages 15+. Registration deadline: March 7. Min. 5. Max. 20.

Code                     Date      Day                   Time

227201-S1            3/14       Sa           9-10:30 am

# Sessions/Fee: 1/$8   Member/Volunteer: $5

Location: Botanical Conservatory, 1100 S. Calhoun

European Bulb Garden

Start spring early this year by creating a European style bulb basket with Dennis Bowman, local Fresh Design Manager at Gassafy Wholesale Florist. Let Dennis guide you through the process of assembling a themed garden basket and get specialized tips for proper care of the plant material. You will watch your garden grow various spring flowers such as daffodils, tulips and more. Flower bulbs may even be reused afterwards and planted outside for a gift that keeps on giving! Feel free to bring your own garden gloves and other suitable accents to incorporate. Admission to the gardens is also included. Ages 15+. Registration deadline: March 14. Min. 12. Max. 20.

Code                     Date      Day                    Time

227202-S1            3/21       Sa           10-11:30 am

# Sessions/Fee: 1/$33   Member/Volunteer: $29

Location: Botanical Conservatory, 1100 S. Calhoun

Tomatoes: Container Varieties

Do you know that tomatoes can be successfully grown on the porch or balcony of your apartment? Discover the best container varieties with farmer and Master Gardener Dennis Parr who knows first-hand which are the most disease resistant as well as the most delicious. You will learn tricks of the trade and direct seed up to six of the recommended varieties (some new to the market) which you will be able to transplant after having nurtured them indoors and counted down the last of those frost-free days. Eventually the time will come when you may indulge in an abundance of tasty tomatoes. Seed, germinating medium, starting containers and labels will be provided. Garden admission is also included. Ages 15+. Registration deadline: March 21. Min. 10. Max. 20.

Code                     Date      Day                    Time

227040-S1            3/28       Sa           10-11:30 am

# Sessions/Fee: 1/$11   Member/Volunteer: $8

Location: Botanical Conservatory, 1100 S. Calhoun

Grafting Fruit Trees: The Basics

Learn the art of tree grafting and make the world a better place with more fruit trees! As co-founder of the Three Rivers Fruit Growing Club, Scott Krieg will share professional knowledge when it comes to repairing injured trees and producing new fruit varieties. Following a hands-on demonstration, you will then have the option of putting the basic steps into practice or taking home a pre-grafted tree. Be fruitful and take advantage of this opportunity to build your confidence having studied handling techniques for safe and successful grafting. Rootstocks and necessary grafting supplies provided. Also, be sure to allow time and visit the gardens. Ages 18+. Registration deadline: March 28. Min. 10. Max. 20.

Code                    Date      Day                       Time

227206-S1            4/4         Sa           10 am-12 pm

# Sessions/Fee: 1/$11

Member or Volunteer Fee: $8

Location: Botanical Conservatory, 1100 S. Calhoun St.

Bonsai Workshop Series

Discover the fascinating world of miniature trees with Master Gardener and Fort Wayne Bonsai Club Member Kathy Lee. On the first day of this series, you will have your choice of pot and tree when learning about various designs, styles and pruning techniques. You will then be guided in the second class on how to wire your new Bonsai while also learning more about soil and care needs. Lastly, you will return with your Bonsai on May 16 for a final Q&A session. Expect to leave this workshop series with the knowledge and techniques required to give your Bonsai a long and healthy life! Participants are encouraged to bring their own scissors or pruners. Conservatory admission included with registration fee. Ages 15+. Registration deadline: April 11. Min. 10. Max. 15.

Code                      Dates    Day                    Times

227014-S1            4/18       Sa           10 am-12 pm

                             4/25, 5/16               10-11:30 am

# Sessions/Fee: 3/$29

Member or Volunteer Fee: $25

Location: Botanical Conservatory, 1100 S. Calhoun St.

$1 Nights

First Thursday of the Month, 5:00-8:00 p.m.

The Conservatory is open on the first Thursday night of the month for a discounted admission of just $1 per person! There is also a drop-in program with a fun topic and educational lecture or activity as part of the DNI, $1 Night Insight. No reservations required.

DNI: Poisonous Plants - Pet Edition

Thursday, March 5, 6:00-7:00 p.m.

In conjunction with our current garden exhibit, “Dog Days of Winter,” find out which plants may be harmful to your four-legged companion. Learn why it is important to say “no” to your cute canine the next time they beg for a bite of avocado salad or chocolate cake. Stay for a fun craft, enjoy light refreshments and visit the gardens all for just $1!

DNI: Colorful Koi

Thursday, April 2, 6:00-7:00 p.m.

Did you know the Conservatory is home to a multitude of colorful Koi Fish? The Amur Carp can range in a wide variety of patterns and colors from red, yellow, and black to even blue. Learn more about our scaly friends and take a trip to the Tropical Garden where you can help feed them; be sure not to miss out on the fish feeding at 6:00 p.m. sharp! Afterwards, stick around for a light snack and craft your own colorful Koi to take home.

DNI: Insect Wings

Thursday, May 7, 6:00-7:00 p.m.

Explore the mechanics of flight and discover the various functions of insect wings for this month’s DNI theme. Spend a dollar, then take a closer look at the mysterious workings of flight. You also get to visit our live butterfly display, create a make-and-take insect themed craft and share in a tasty treat!

Garden Preschool

Garden Preschool meets at the Botanical Conservatory every third Tuesday in March through May. While encouraging the basics of exploring in the garden at a young age, each monthly class explores a different theme through hands-on activities, crafts, stories, and snacks. Parents and guardians assist their children side by side and learn together while doing garden activities that are sure to get everyone thinking! At least one adult is required to stay and participate (no registration required) for the duration of the class with their child. Please indicate at registration if a participant has food allergies. Ages 3-5. Registration deadlines: March 10, April 14, and May 12. Min. 5 Max. 10.

Code                     Date      Day              Time

Signs of Spring

227100-T1            3/17       T              10-11 am

Spring Flowers

227100-T2            4/21       T              10-11 am

Planting a Garden

227100-T3            5/19       T              10-11 am

# Sessions/Fee: 1/$6     Member/Volunteer: $4

Location: Botanical Conservatory, 1100 S. Calhoun

Kids Gardening

Join us at the Botanical Conservatory for a spring garden adventure! Children will act as gardeners and learn both why and how their garden must be prepared in the spring before planting can begin. Parents and guardians assist thier children as they learn basics of gardening, especially the importance of preparing the soil to support healthy growth. At least one adult is required to stay and participate (no registration required) for the duration of the class with their child. Please indicate at registration if your child has food allergies. Ages 6-9. Registration deadline: April 24. Min. 5. Max. 10.

Code                    Date       Day                Time

227103-S1            5/2         Sa           10-11 am

# Sessions/Fee: 1/$6

Member or Volunteer Fee: $4

Location: Botanical Conservatory, 1100 S. Calhoun St.

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Bonsai Workshop
Very nice instructors and the class was very interesting. Adam G.
I've always thought bonsai trees were very interesting. I never realized how intricate the caring process was, but I am excited to care for my tree. Kandice G.

Good introductory course for those contemplating starting Lacto fermentation. Theresa W.

Dennis Bowman did an excellent job instructing us and helping those of us in need. Elaine M.
Everyone was very helpful regardless of our (the participant) ability-helped us make a beautiful centerpiece! Nancy S.

Functional Gardening
Even more than I expected-land water and plant information-WIN, WIN, WIN-Abigail K.

Spring Arrangement
Always excellent. Mary Ann L.

Tai Chi
This is my second Tai Chi class and I thoroughly enjoy it!  It helps me with my balance, flexibility and posture.  Suzanne R.

Backyard Bluebirds
I work for Angel Corps. It is so wonderful to bring my client (who has a membership) to the workshops.  I believe it is our third one.  It is very stimulating for her and she enjoys it.  It is very rewarding for both of us.  Deb W.

Terra Cotta Turkeys
Had a great time! Deb W. and Joan C.


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