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“A Mary Poppins Garden Party”
January 14-April 2
When there’s a bit of heavy weather brewin’ outdoors this winter, bring the children down to the Conservatory to explore the new Mary Poppins-themed garden exhibit. Jane and Michael Banks seemed always to be in trouble. But after their new nanny arrived (in a most curious way, mind you), nothing was the same. Their time in the nursery and out for adventures taught both self-discipline and wonder.  Discover Mr. Banks’ world of finance, Admiral Boom’s punctuality and nose for weather, a chimneysweep’s rooftop perspective, and the magical imaginings of Bert’s chalk drawings and carousel horse steeplechase.

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Decorated with winter-blooming cyclamen, primroses, and pocketbook plant, the gardens offer grown-ups a breath of spring while they explore alongside their youngsters.

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Can you say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? Sponsored by WLDE and Majic 95.1FM

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Botanical Connections is a $1 million project that will connect the Botanical Conservatory, The Embassy, the Grand Wayne Center, the Tin Caps complex and parking structures. A new garden will be created behind the Conservatory between the Conservatory and The Embassy as part of the project. A new, steel, 25-foot sculpture called Wild Vine will arch across the entrance—from the electronic message board to the lobby entrance. Wild Vine will symbolize the power of plant life and will serve as a focal and meeting point downtown. We hope to have the project completed within two years, but that depends upon fundraising.

Botanical Conservatory Sculpture & Downtown Connection Project Drawing
Conceptual Elevation of the Wild Vine Sculpture



Discover Bonsai at the Conservatory!

See Bonsai plants for sale in the gift shop ~ these Bonsai are carefully crafted by the Fort Wayne Bonsai Club for sale at the Conservatory. You also may learn more about Bonsai at the club’s annual spring and fall shows at the Conservatory.

Spring Bonsai Show
& Discount Day
Saturday, May 26, 10:00 am-3:00 pm

Explore a forest of miniature trees carefully trained and pruned by members of our local bonsai club. Elms, maples, junipers and other familiar plants look just like their outdoor cousins – but a fraction of their size! The club also grows tropical bonsai. Learn about the fascinating hobby or just enjoy “a stroll in the forest.” Bonsai pots and young plants will be available to purchase. All guests visiting this day will get a special discount for admission to the Bonsai Show and Conservatory gardens: $3/adult, $2/child, Free for ages 2 and under. For more information, call (260) 427-6440. Sponsored by the Fort Wayne Bonsai Club.


Bonsai ~ The Art and Science of Illusion

Bonsai pronounced bonsai (bone-sigh), is the technique of creating an illusion; using cultivation practices like pruning, wiring, root reduction, defoliation (removing all of the leaves), potting and perhaps grafting.  The illusion being attempted is that of a large, natural looking tree that has been captured and planted in a small container. (A tree (bon) in a tray/pot (sai)) It can be grown from seeds, plant cuttings, purchased in a nursery pot, or collected from the yard, hillside or field.

Bonsai is both a science (horticulture) and an art (sculpting).  Perhaps that is why it appeals to so many people.  Whether they become interested because of the mystique of a tree, or they want to challenge themselves with a new form of growing things, the bonsai tree tends to draw people in. 

Thanks to the Fort Wayne Bonsai Club for the information they shared on Bonsai.   


The Joy of Bonsai

  • transforming the usual into the unusual
  • learning from nature and developing a philosophy of life
  • learning patience
  • watching a dream or vision come into being
  • watching your tree grow and take shape
  • learning the needs of each of the different species of tree
  • keeping your own tree alive and thriving from year to year

    For additional information on Bonsai, check out the following:


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Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory
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